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New version of Cybele semantic repository API has been released

PSNC team has released a new version of the semantic repository API, which is being integrated in the Query Builder component in order to retrieve the metadata of datasets in compliance with CYBELE common semantic model. The new API returns JSON with full structure of datasets metadata, and provides methods for querying based on keywords.

The CYBELE common semantic model serves as a common reference model for the semantic annotation and sharing of CYBELE demonstrators data supporting the on demand data discovery and exploration. It is used, in particular, to describe with rich metadata CYBELE datasets (e.g., data theme, spatial/temporal coverage, data format, periodicity, license), allowing the identification of datasets matching the users’ needs or application requirements. The design and implementation of the model was based on the user stories and requirements, as well as on best practices in ontology engineering, reusing existing standard and well-established vocabularies.

Figure 5 source:

The API provides a higher-level access to the semantic metadata stored in the triplestore, allowing applications to retrieve the data via a RESTful API instead of dealing with SPARQL queries. Moreover, the data is returned in JSON format, abstracting to applications and service consumers from the RDF internal representation. See full API via:



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