3rd Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) workshop seminar

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Target audience:  

PLF researchers in the public sector

Involved partner(s):


The annual PLF workshop seminar aims at sharing ongoing and future research with each other, with a focus on the discussion of methodology and the problems you encounter. As such, we build a valuable network of like-minded people in an informal and inclusive setting.” CYBELE partner from UCPH participated in the seminar presenting the Abstract: 

Hakansson, F., Jensen, D. B. (2021). Exploring temporal data analysis: Video-based classification of damaging behaviour in pigs using a combination of CNN and RNN. Proceedings of the Precision Livestock Farming Workshop Seminar, 13-14 April 2021, KU Leuven, Belgium.

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HPC, Big Data, IoT and AI future industry-driven collaborative strategic topics 

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Target audience:  

Big Data, BDVA community

Involved partner(s):


The integration of Big Data, AI, IoT, Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing and HPC technologies allows exploiting large volumes of data coming from diverse and heterogeneous data sources by deploying data processing and data analytics tasks along the Computing Continuum. Building upon previous workshops held during 2020 with the H2020 ICT11 projects, this session aimed at identifying research and innovation needs in terms of convergence and alignment of the basic technologies and their utilization by industry, especially SMEs. Focus areas in the HPC-HPDA spectrum include Data, workflows, HPC/Cloud infrastructure to edge and AI/ML training. The session also aimed at engaging the new EuroHPC JU projects addressing these focus areas. Outcomes are relevant for the future research and innovation activities in both the EuroHPC JU, and the AI, Data and Robotics.

Sophia Karagiorgou (UBITECH) presented the CYBELE project, its contribution and services, in the relevant session along with other ICT-11 projects, such as DeepHealth, LEXIS, Evolve, IoTwins, Infinitech.


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Combining HPC, Big Data and Cloud technologies for scalable big data analytics of precision agriculture and livestock farming use cases deployed on supercomputers

On line

Target audience:  

External relevant stakeholders, end-users

Involved partner(s):

All Cybele Technical partners

1st prototype version of Cybele platform (representing the outcomes of the first 2 years’ developments for CYBELE project) combining HPC, Big-Data and Cloud hardware and software for scalable data analytics executions.


During the workshop was explored the selected challenges of precision agriculture and livestock farming use cases in terms of data treatment while showcasing the solutions and optimizations in deploying data analytics on real-scale production supercomputers through the framework provided by CYBELE platform.