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Updates on the CYBELE data visualization engine

The Data Visualization Dashboard is the component that allows users to create visual representations of the CYBELE datasets, producing line charts, scatter plots, maps, and other graphs. The visualization component is the final element of the CYBELE system that helps analysts and users understand patterns, communicate results, and make decisions based on data.

One of the key features of the visualization dashboard is that it was co-designed with end users of the platform, making sure that their needs were taken into account, and especially that every aspect of the application was designed to help them solve their problems.

Early brainstorming session of the CYBELE visualization component.

Users can create and store projects that can contain several related visualizations, each one addressing a different perspective of the data. Users can sort and filter their projects, highlight their favorites, and so on.

View of the visualization “My Projects” page.

The visualization dashboard is integrated into the CYBELE platform by connecting directly to the Advanced Query Builder through a REST API, where users can refine and process the datasets from the CYBELE datastore and create complex views and analyses. The visualization component allows users to create and store projects that connect to different queries of the Advanced Query Builder dynamically, so that the charts will update automatically when the data changes.

The users can configure the visualizations directly or follow the steps suggested by the visualization wizard. The first step is to check the data received from the Advanced Query Builder, selecting which columns will be used, and confirming that the wizard has correctly detected the data types for each column.

Data check step of the visualization wizard

Based on the automatic data type detection, the wizard can then suggest which types of charts can be created – simple ones like bar, pie, or line charts, as well as heatmaps and choropleths for geolocated maps.

Chart options of the visualization component.

The charts are configurable – axes, units, annotations, titles, and there are different graphic styles to choose from, all coherent with the visual branding of the CYBELE platform.

Configuring a map in the visualization component.

After creating the visualizations, the users can use the online interactive version, or download static images of the charts to embed in documents and reports.

The latest version of the visualization component incorporates new configuration and export features, as well as full integration with the platform, completing the CYBELE suite of big data tools for agriculture and livestock farming.

The code of the Visualization Engine is stored at the CYBELE GitLab repository along with the code of the rest of the platform’s services.



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