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CYBELE and OGC are breaking ground in data interoperability

OGC has developed a methodology to document data interoperability approaches based on reusable standards, including the domain specific usage patterns that need to be standardised in communities of practices, and further specialized for specific projects and components. This has involved research, development, testing and community support for data modelling techniques, schema description, data validation and terminology definitions. The infrastructure has been established to support this process, and interoperability standards for this infrastructure were identified and developed where necessary. Multiple communities of practice including standards organisations and industry bodies have been consulted in this process and a cross-domain semantic interoperability program is being established with early engagement from the OGC, W3C, IEC, ISO, IETF, ETSI, Research Data Alliance, Agrovoc, BODC and numerous active projects. One result of this work is ProfileWiz, a new tool to support round-tripping between modular and flattened versions of profiles of data models expressed using OWL, JSON-Schema, SHACL etc.



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