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Aquaculture Monitoring and Feed Optimisation

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food-producing sector accounting for >50% of the world's fish used for food. Within the Cybele project, aquaculture monitoring and feed optimisation aims to ensure that the appropriate amount of fish food, which accounts for up to 70 per cent of costs on fish farms, is given at the optimum time to promote growth and reduce pollution which negatively impacts the environment.

Cybele is currently using high performance computing (HPC) to enable computer-vision algorithms to classify images from aerial drones in real-time. This will assist fish farmers in the Mediterranean Sea to assess the health of fish and to optimize feeding by identifying fish behaviour during feeding and to evaluate the impact on the environment. The drone cameras and sensors installed in our demonstrator user sites generate large amounts of video and signal data. Being able to rapidly process this data and extract results and insights is a big challenge and requires high throughput, computational power and short turnaround times - tasks highly suited to HPCs.

The Horizon2020 funded CYBELE project aims to produce technology that can revolutionise farming, increase food supply, significantly boost animal welfare and bring social, economic and environmental benefits.



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