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Cybele project on the right track

Just wanted to give an update on the Cybele project. Following our blog (Technologies at the service of farmers and livestock farmers) published last year in August 2019 where we talked about the goal of Cybele project and the contribution of Atos Bull on this project, here are some news on the Cybele progress, e.g. the dissemination activities carried out on Atos Bull side.

First, the goal of the CYBELE project is to demonstrate how convergence of HPC, Big Data, Cloud Computing (services) and IoT should revolutionize farming, reduce scarcity, increase the food supply and bringing social, economic, and environmental benefits.

The CYBELE project was started at the beginning of 2019 for 3 years in total. It is great to be part of this project to help providing technologies to Aquaculture, Livestock and Agriculture increase the efficiencies in planting, harvesting, water use and to reduce loss. Actually, our work has been focused on Open sea fishing demonstrator, one of the nine demonstrators of the project. This in order to address their main challenge, the state of the largest part of the marine ecosystem, including most fish stocks, which remains widely unknown.

To address Open sea fishing challenges, the CYBELE platform starts being used to integrate different data sources stemming from satellites, individual fishing vessels and auctions to assess the distribution and exploitation status of fish stocks at high spatiotemporal resolution. As such, fishery managers can use the output to optimize quota uptake, fishers can optimize their operational decisions at sea, while fish auctions and buyers will have a better idea on how much from each fish species will be landed by the fishing fleet. As you can see, a real-life application here.

The solution will allow to i) exploit the plethora of existing relevant datasets on the CYBELE platform and minimize the cost of maintaining these datasets in-house, ii) provide out-of-the-box cloud infrastructure for state-of-the-art libraries for statistics, algorithms, deep learning and neural networks that will minimize the cost for running those in-house, iii) provide sufficient memory for evaluating spatial abundance simulation models, iv) implement more accurate and high quality spatially explicit fish prediction models, v) deliver the results in a timely manner (utilizing the HPC power of CYBELE) that is critical especially in case of optimizing fishing effort allocation, vi) provide efficient and cost-effective data collection and management.

Now something more to share: two events in which Atos Bull has been participating to present Cybele project and what we have been working on.

The TERATEC Forum: a major annual event in France and Europe that brings together the best international experts in HPC, Simulation and Big Data. It reaffirms the strategic importance of these technologies for developing industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity. This year, TERATEC Forum was held on October 13 and 14, 2020 in a 100% Digital event, the Teratec Digital Forum due to the circumstances generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was a Cybele virtual booth inside the Europe Village of the Forum where 18 different EU funded projects were virtually presented during these two days. Many visitors had a look at the Cybele virtual booth and three appointments with three companies were made for having discussion around Cybele project.

Figure 1 Cybele Virtual Booth in Teratec Digital Forum in October 2020

We also took part in an event organized by Bull/Atos in October 2020 in Grenoble France ( with the "Ensimag" engineering school. The aim of this event was to present in 180 seconds to students the research and projects in which Atos Bull is involved. Of course, we presented the Cybele project. It was difficult to talk about such an important project in just 3 minutes, but we think we succeeded because the feedback from the students was positive.

Figure 2 Presentation of the Cybele project in infestival-transfo event in October 2020

To conclude, CYBELE project is doing great progress in both technical advancement and dissemination & communication aspect. The project is now in its 2nd half period, we continue to work hard to achieve the goal. We are confident and we will keep you posted.



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