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Cybele HPC partner PSNC greatly increases its computing power in 2021 for Cybele pilots

PSNC, one of the Cybele supercomputing partners, has recently acquired the new supercomputing system Eagle II, which is placed 85th in the top500 list of supercomputers: (and 61st in Green500 list: This computer delivers close to 6PFlops and is equipped with over 63K cores. The machine will be made available for Cybele in 2021.

PSNC has also increased its resources by the GP-GPU cluster, using accelerators with a peak power of 0.6 PFlops. Currently, it is the fastest supercomputer in Poland and constitutes the first stage of PRACE-LAB national project which focuses on the expansion of HPC systems in Poland.

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In order for such a large computer to be fully operational, it is necessary to use an advanced cooling system (DLC – Data Liquid Cooling). This technologically advanced cooling method is also very energy-efficient, mostly cooling the computer system by taking advantage of the difference in internal and external temperatures. On December 2020, the main driving element of the cooling system was delivered to the PSNC headquarters – a dry cooling tower, which was placed on the roof of the Data Center. The system will be used to cool down the liquid in the DLC system, which will allow the new supercomputer Altair (Eagle II) to work properly.

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