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CYBELE Data Services

CERTH is leading the development of the CYBELE Data Services that offer a bouquet of services and components related to data handling including the ingestion, cleaning, mapping, enrichment, storing, sharing and exploration of data.

CYBELE Data Services architecture

These Data Services include:

· The CYBELE Common Semantic Data Model to serve as a reference model for the semantic annotation and sharing of agrifood data. The model supports the on-demand data discovery, exploration and querying.

· Services for the Harmonization and enrichment of data based on the Common Semantic Data Model in order to make the data interoperable.

· The Data Check-In component that is responsible for the collection and pre-processing of data prior their storage in the CYBELE platform.

· The Advanced Query Builder that is the main data exploration service which enables the exploration, combination and querying of the underlying datasets of the platform.

· The Data Policy and Assets Brokerage Engine that facilitates the proprietary data sharing and trading through the CYBELE platform using a blockchain infrastructure.

· A Data Storage that supports secure data management over the entire data lifecycle, secure access control and data integrity

CYBELE Data Services components

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825355.

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