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CYBELE and the EU’s Digital Decade

In March 2021, the European Commission presented a vision for Europe’s digital transformation up to 2030. The EU's path to digitisation remains a major goal for the block, in order to achieve this, the EU's Digital Decade will help tackle gaps in our progression towards this common goal. The Digital Decade is an initiative which aims to empower citizens and the economy towards a more prosperous and robust digital future. The concept of a “Digital Compass” was presented which revolves around four cardinal points with specific goals:

· Skills –20 million ICT professionals and 80% of the population with basic digital skills

· Government – Key public services 100% online, 100% of citizens having access to online medical records, 80% of citizens using digital ID

· Infrastructures – Gigabit connectivity for everyone, 5G everywhere, double the EU’s market share in global semiconductor production, have 10,000 climate neutral edge nodes, have the first computer with quantum acceleration

· Business – 75% of companies using cloud/AI/big data, grow scale ups, more than 90% of SMEs to reach at least a basic level of digital intensity

The Commission aims to pursue these digital ambitions through the likes of robust governance models and multi-country projects combining investments from the EU, Member States and the private sector. This is where CYBELE is providing real support to the aims of the Digital Decade, and in particular, to the goal of 75% of EU companies using cloud/AI/big data capabilities by the end of the decade. Through its demonstration of the utility of High Performance Computing (HPC) as well as several other frontier technologies such the use of big data and edge computing, CYBELE is showing how farmers and actors in the agricultural value chain can not only adopt such technologies, but derive huge value from their use. In fact, the Commission has explicitly stated that HPC is one of its primary identified areas of investment for its multi-country projects.

Through CYBELE’s 9 use cases, a path to the uptake of high-performance digital solutions in agriculture can be outlined for others to follow. This is precisely the type of progress the Digital Decade needs to see and once finalised, the CYBELE project will stand as a testament to both the ingenuity of solution developers, but also to the adaptability of actors in our food chains. Following the announcement and of the Digital Decade and its reiteration of the initiative in the recent State of the Union address, the Commission will aim to progress towards the Inter-institutional declaration on Digital Principles by end the of 2021 and develop pathways for each target of the Digital Decade together with the Member States.



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