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Βridging the gap between aquaculture and ICT

“I2S has been bridging the gap between aquaculture and ICT for production management for more than 20 years. It aims at leveraging state-of-the art HPC solutions developed by the Cybele project, that include machine learning algorithms to run predictive analysis on fish growth and feed conversion rates, and image processing for efficient farm monitoring and environmental sustainability, to optimize aquaculture production.

Through its vast experience and contacts in the aquaculture sector, I2S company vision is making innovative tools accessible to every fish farmer and assisting the digital transformation of the fastest growing protein producing sector in the world.

Aquaculture could be drowning in data but is currently starving for knowledge. The idea behind the aquaculture demonstrator in Cybele is to make use of production data coming from management software, combined with other data such as weather information and sensor measurements, as well as image processing in order to process aerial images/videos of fish farms taken from drones. This would allow for an optimized feeding system, environmental sustainability and fish welfare, seamless farm infrastructure monitoring and issues prevention.

For instance, one of the use cases under investigation is the use of drones to automatically identify and count dead fish. This can potentially allow a much faster problem identification process, while at the same time reduce costs (no need to visit each cage by boat, to monitor fish health) and make productive use of the farm personnel.”



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