11-12/07/2019. CYBELE Technical Meeting; Stuttgart, Germany

The first CYBELE technical meeting took place in Stuttgart on 11 and 12 July 2019. The progress of the technical tasks of the project was assessed and next steps were planned. Among others, the following topic were discussed:

  • Platform delivery & Testbed Deployement

  • Setup of the CI/CD platform for CYBELE

  • Kubernetes

  • Network Security Strategy

  • Experiment Composer

  • Roadmap

  • HPC & Big data Convergence

21-22/05/2019. CYBELE 2nd plenary meeting; Dublin, Ireland

The second plenary meeting for the CYBELE project was hosted by Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Dublin on 21-22/05/2019. The discussed topics included among others:

  • Project Overview Status

  • Expected 6-month progression

  • Dissemination and Communication Plan & Industrial Clustering

  • Data Management Planning

  • Demonstrators Requirements

  • Initial Demo and Technical Requirements

  • Infrastructure Kick-off discussions

  • Security Strategy

  • Exploitation kick-off discussion

28-30/01/2019. CYBELE Kick off meeting; Barcelona, Spain

From 28 to 30 January the Rectory of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Polytechnic University of Catalunya) hosted the kickoff meeting of the CYBELE project (Fostering precision agriculture and livestock farming through secure access to large-scale HPC-enabled virtual industrial experimentation environment empowering scalable big data analytics). The project consortium discussed, among others, the following topics:

  • Technical Overview & Vision of each project Work Package

  • Demonstrators content and plan

  • Technical details about HPC and potential implementations in the CYBELE project

  • Requirements & Scenarios gathering

  • Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Workshop


Conferences, Workshops & Exhibitions

5-7/02/2020. 13th International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS’2020); Wageningen, Netherlands

Spiros Mouzakitis from ICCS presenting CYBELE project at the 13th International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS’2020) in Wageningen, The Netherlands. ISESS2020 theme is Data Science in Action, and aims to serve as a forum to present primary research in data science research and applications in the in the social, environmental and green life sciences.

13-14/11/2019. Digital innovations for agriculture - 4th Knowledge and Innovation Forum; Warsaw, Poland

Target Audience: Science & Industrial companies representatives, Advisors, Farmers

Involved Partner(s): PSNC

PSNC presented CYBELE at the event: "Digital innovations for agriculture - 4th Knowledge and Innovation Forum"  organised by the Agricultural Advisory Center Branch in Radom , under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski.

The conference was attended by science representatives, advisors, farmers, company representatives and the main topic of discussion were innovations in agriculture and development directions.

Two competitions were organised to promote the most interesting agriculture projects and solutions, and  CYBELE was awarded 2nd place in the competition for "the most interesting IT solutions for agriculture", including some monetary prize.

19-20/09/2019. 2019 ICT Event; Helsinki, Finland

Target Audience: ICT Companies and EU researchers

Involved Partner(s): ICCS, USTUTT

The CYBELE project participated to the Digital Excellence Forum - Proposer's Day in Helsinki, Finland 19-20 September 2019 as member of the projects represented by the the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership ( ) with a booth in the PPP Village (booth 2, hall 5). The event is a unique networking platform for ICT professionals discussing the main policy drivers of the digital

transformation of European industry and society as well as exchanging research ideas and results. During the event the vision and scope of the CYBELE project was presented to participants as well as its current status and planned outcomes in the following months.

7-11/09/2019. Global Agripreneurs Summit; Thessaloniki, Greece

Target Audience: Innovators/Enterpreneurs/investors in Agrifood

Involved Partner(s): Wageningen University

Wageningen University participated to the Global Agripreneurship Summit, where the main topic of discussion was the "future farmer 4.0". Dr. Ioannis Athanasiadis (first from the left in the picture) represented the CYBELE project participating in the panel discussion examining how Cloud and Quantum Computing can help feed the world. 

All over the world, software developers, data scientists, agronomists and farmers are joining forces to enhance food production with the use of technology and especially the cloud sometimes with very dramatic results. Quantum computer, a totally mind-bending machine that takes advantage of the fact that tiny particles like electrons can be in many states at the same time, would enable a faster and more accurate analysis of catalytic processes, among others. With the use of quantum computers, challenges such as this, do not require centuries to be resolved, but they can be addressed through a few experiments.

28/08/2019. The 9th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming; Cork, Ireland

Target Audience: PLF Researchers

Involved Partner(s): UCPH

University of Copenhagen participated to the 9th European Conference on Precision Livestock, representing the CYBELE project. In the picture, you can see Dr Dan B Jensen presenting his work on automating monitoring of pen fouling in growing pigs using 

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) applied to images captured above the pens.

3-26/08/2019. 70th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP 2019); Ghent, Belgium

Target Audience: Academic Community

Involved Partner(s): ILVO

The main aims of the EAAP are to promote, by means of active co-operation between its members and other relevant international and national organisations, the advancement of scientific research, sustainable development and production systems; experimentation,

application and extension; to improve the technical and economic conditions of the livestock sector; to promote the welfare of farm animals and the conservation of the rural environment; to control and optimise the use of natural resources in general and animal genetic resources in particular; to encourage the involvement of young scientists and technicians. 

24-27/06/2019. OGC Technical Committee Meeting; Leuven, Belgium

Target Audience: Global Standardisation

Involved Partner(s): OGC

The 111th OGC Technical Committee (TC) Meeting was one of the biggest ever, with more than 280 people attending, including key standards leaders and regional experts from industry, academia, and government. In addition to the many Working Group meetings, this TC Meeting featured an Earth Observation (EO) Summit, a special Sharing

Data in Agriculture Session, as well as special sessions on Innovation Program activities in Europe. OGC, also member of the CYBELE consortium represented the project,  participating in the sessions regarding the progress of ongoing work surrounding the OGC API family of standards.

19-20/06/2019. AI & Big Data Expo Europe 2019; Amsterdam, Netherlands

Target Audience: AI, Big Data and IoT along with Blockchain and CyberSecurity experts

Involved Partner(s): RYAX

RYAX participated in the AI & Big Data Expo Europe, representing the CYBELE and presenting the work related to the workflow created in the context of the project, combining the expertise and views of different personas: data collector, domain experts, data scientists, consultants and end-users (farmers).

18/06/2019. ENGAGE; Barcelona, Spain

Target Audience: EO companies, developers

Involved Partner(s): EVF

Featured innovative minds and progressive organisations in the field of Earth Observation participated at ENGAGE. The event brought together the whole industry value chain, under a highly stimulating atmosphere. Evenflow SPRL participated in the conference, representing the CYBELE project.

27/05/2019. Meeting of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Digitalisation in Engineering and Production); Stuttgart, Germany

Target Audience: Regional companies, IT experts

Involved Partner(s): USTUTT

6/05/2019. BI-REX workshop on System integration (including a session on IoT for Precision Agriculture); Bologna, Italy

Target Audience: Regional companies, IT experts

Involved Partner(s): CINECA

BI-REX companies were invited to the workshops, aiming at the identification of common interests and at joining efforts in innovation projects that will be funded by the Italian Ministry. In this context, the contribution of CINECA to Cybele was presented.



01 / Jensen, D. B., Larsen, M. L. V., & Pedersen, L. J. (2019). Comparison of architectures and training strategies for convolutional neural networks intended for location-specific counting of slaughter pigs. In The 9th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming.

Pen fouling is an undesired behaviour seen in growing pigs, where they start resting in the excretion area and excrete in the designated resting area. It is reasonable to assume that automatic monitoring of the location of the pigs within the pen could be used for early warnings of imminent pen fouling events. We intend to provide such automatic monitoring using convolutional neural networks (CNN) applied to images captured above the pens. In this preliminary study, we compare 12 different combinations of CNN architectures and training strategies for this purpose. The best performing strategy yielded an overall mean absolute error of 0.35 pigs and a coefficient of determination of 96 % between the predicted and observed number of pigs in a given area of the pen.

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